Chet White

Chet White
“North Korea”
April 27, 2014

Chet White, originally from Wisconsin, now lives both in Santa Fe and Santa Cruz CA. Chet is a semi-retired school teacher with an insatiable curiosity about faraway places. In September 2013, he joined a tour group in Beijing consisting of twenty people. From there the group embarked for North Korea. The two highlights of the journey were seeing “National Day” celebrations (similar to the US’s Fourth of July) and the Mass Games held in a huge arena able to accommodate 100,000+ spectators! The Mass Games are actually beautifully choreographed “dances” by hundreds of North Koreans, mostly school-aged children. Most of the highly controlled/restricted trip focused on North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang. Mr. White treated us to his photographs and videos capturing these two experiences along with his informative and entertaining commentary. Mr. White is a friend of Barbara Hays; thanks, Barbara, for organizing this event.

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